Boar and Castle The Famous Boar & Castle Sauce - Made in the USA since 1932
Born in the famous restaurant in Greensboro, NC that shared its name, Boar and Castle® sauce is truly in a category all its own. Originally created for buttersteak sandwiches, this mouth watering sauce was soon poured on burgers, fries, onion rings and chicken by restaurant patrons. Today, that beloved restaurant & drive-in that served three generations is gone. But that original one of a kind flavor is alive in every bottle of Boar and Castle® sauce.
Boar & Castle Sauce (the one and only original!)


Available in 12 oz. and 6 oz. bottles and by the case (12 bottles per case)
Size: 12oz.

Quantity: bottles cases (12 bottles per case)

Note: Your order will be shipped via USPS.
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About Us

What was once one of North Carolina’s best kept secrets, Boar and Castle Sauce is now known throughout the world. It all started in Greensboro, North Carolina in 1932, when Leon Thomas opened his castle shaped restaurant named after a pub in a Samuel Johnson novel, Boar and Castle. This famous sauce was his mother’s recipe, which is now over 100 years old, and was slathered on everything in “The Castle” from the signature Castleburgers, butter steak sandwiches to fries and onion rings. Families, teenagers, college kids; everyone would drive from miles and miles around to go eat at the legendary Boar and Castle. Leon’s restaurant was also a gathering place and was like a scene straight out of “American Graffiti”.

Boar and Castle Sauce is not just a sauce, it is memories. It has stood the test of time and is just as popular now as it was in 1932. This fantastic sauce can now be purchased online. If you have never experienced the deliciousness of our sauce, just remember that it’s the anything and everything sauce!

Some quotes from our Boar and Castle customers:
My Mama was at the Boar and Castle the day World War II ended, this sauce reminds me of my Mama!
I asked my wife to marry me at the Boar and Castle, great memories!
I had my first kiss at the Boar and Castle, on the dark side!
The car hops were the best, they wore white coats, you would drive up and once they saw you, they knew what your order was.
After the movies, my parents always took us to the Boar and Castle, I can still taste those Castle burgers, Butter steaks and pan rolls. Thanks for keeping the sauce available!
They would bring us Boar and Castle Sauce in little cups, and the sauce was warm, and we would dip our onion rings in it, best sauce in the world!!
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